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Order fudge online today and indulge in your fervent love for sweets! Or Order Delicious, All Natural, Pound Cake! You can also get freshly baked sourdough delivered to your doorstep! B-well Farm and Bakery is now offering the finest honey in Forest City, NC!

All breads are made with sugar and or sugar-free made with Stevia.

Call Now! We are taking online orders for Pound Cake, fudge, sourdough bread, and online orders for farm fresh honey!

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Pound Cake Fudge | Baked Goods Sourdough Bread Honey Bees | Honey Honey Bees | Honey
Old Fashioned Pound Cake
Made with farm fresh eggs and real cream butter. 
Fantastic Fudge
Fudge has your choice of pecan, walnuts or plain.
Sourdough Bread
Made with a potato starter and has risen to perfection.
Farm Fresh Honey
Honey is seasonal and may not always be available.
Organic Apple Butter
Apple butter is made with pesticide free apples, totally organic.

If you visit us at the Rutherford County N.C. Farmers Market on Saturday mornings you may take 20% off of all goods picked up at the market. We think that buying local should have some advantages.

We can ship to you!

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